鳴上 悠
鳴上 悠

鳴上 悠

Narukami YuuSister Complex Kingpin of Steel


Narukami Yu is the protagonist of the Persona 4 series and a high school student who moves to the countryside of Inaba for a year with his uncle and younger cousin as a result of his parents working abroad. At the same time, he attends Yasogami High School where he meets most of the game's cast, and happens to accidentally form an investigation team for a very bizarre murder case. In between this all, he discovers the strange power within himself - the power to wield Personas. Being the wielder of the Wild Card, he can use more than one Persona at the same time. Despite this, his default Persona and the one he is shown the most with is Izanagi.

Yu is a very mature person with a sharp mind though he appears stoic at times. He deeply cares for his friends and one of the few ways to truly anger him is to threaten either them or Nanako which causes him to become very cold.

Yu's most consistent trait in all of his depictions (anime, manga and other games) is his need to be connected to people. He views himself as a weak person and gets his strength from his bonds and being accepted by others, and when he is separated from his friends, he loses his usual confidence and becomes more withdrawn.

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