天海 蘭太郎
天海 蘭太郎

天海 蘭太郎

Ultimate ???


"But, that’s not what caught my interest. You said 'killing game' just now…"

A boy whose appearance and manner of speech gives off the impression of being shallow. He is the only one among the students who cannot remember his SHSL talent for some reason, but he isn’t particularly worried about remembering. Instead, he says that he’s looking forward to finding out what his talent is.

Amami is someone who can coldly interrogate Monokuma about his motives. While the others descend into confusion and chaos, he displays a coolness while cross-examining Monokuma and the Monokumarz about their goals, as well as a deep understanding of the current situation. At times, his attitude suggests that he knows more about what's happening than his classmates, which only heightens the air of mystery surrounding him.

Edited from url=http://jinjojess.tumblr.com/post/152613688578/ndrv3-famitsu-info-for-november-2nd-2016-itsjinjojess's translation

His real talent is the Ultimate Survivor. Having survived the last killing game (V2) as the Ultimate Adventurer, he was once again called to be part of the next killing game, V3. However, his memories of his talent were wiped away before the killing game properly began./



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