夜月 姫織
夜月 姫織

夜月 姫織



A former magical girl, and a childhood friend of the protagonist who works at the local shrine as a shrine maiden. She is a glutton through and through, even claiming that Parfaits are a “drink.” She’s always looking to nab food from the protagonist, whether it be lunch or simply afternoon snacks.

“What if I said we made a promise to go buy candy and eat it on the way home from school today?”

When she was still in the womb, Hiori was left in a perpetual fetal state for unknown reasons and thus was never born. Her mother received an amulet by a mysterious old woman when she swapped places with her twin sister. In it was a diary, which showed the locations of starlight in the land of Night which could grant any wish a person had. After collecting enough starlight, Hiori's mother used the starlight to purchase a vessel for her. Using that vessel, her mother gave her own life to put Hiori's unborn soul into it which resulting in her being born into the real world as a real person. However, the vessel creation was incomplete due to insufficient starlight. Her mother was unable to buy all the parts she needed and Hiori was left with an incomplete human body as a result. This is why she has a notably insatiable hunger and limited IQ./

Favorite foods/drinks: Milk

Also has a big sweet tooth, but will eat almost anything.




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