D→A: Black
默认机构 发行于 2003-12-25 无中文版

D→A: Black

PlayStation 2




High-school student, Tōya Shinjō is what's known as a "Shinigami" -- an envoy of Hell who guides wandering souls, or "Creeps," who linger in the human realm. Each night, he hunts Creeps along with his partner Yuriel Arlencloyn, a white-winged Angel of Heaven. However, one night during their hunt, they happen to rescue a girl named Natsuki, who recognizes Tōya as her classmate. Normal humans are not meant to know of such things as Shinigami and Creeps, with Tōya's past shrouded in mystery to even himself, and Natsuki also interested romantically in Tōya, things quickly become complicated.

D→A:BLACK is a so-called "active novel" -- a visual novel-style adventure game with realtime battle sequences, divided into six chapters. The story unfolds from Tōya's point of view, mainly through voiced dialogue sequences with still images. The player must occasionally make choices that will affect how the story plays out and which of the 11 endings are reached; some decisions are timed, and in many cases, not answering at all is also a valid option.

At specific points in the game, the player will be attacked by Creeps. Controlling Tōya, his partner Yuriel, and his familiar Rin, the player must defeat the attacker and defend their team in a realtime battle. Each of the characters has various actions they can perform; Tōya and Yuriel can attack, defend, and use special moves, while Rin can defend or recover the other two characters. Each character has an affinity; Tōya's attacks are Dark, and work best against Light enemies, while Yuriel's attacks are the opposite, and Rin can switch between alignments. If any character's HP reaches 0, the battle is lost, and the game is over.


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平台: PlayStation 2 R12+
发行时间: 2003-12-25 发行语言: Japanese
平台: PlayStation 2 R12+
发行时间: 2003-12-25 发行语言: Japanese
平台: PlayStation 2 R12+
发行时间: 2006-02-16 发行语言: Japanese
D→A: Black
tiaraway (OP 'Your Shade' and ED 'I fall there -Yume no Tsuzuki e-')
志倉 千代丸 (OP 'Your Shade' and ED 'I fall there -Yume no Tsuzuki e-')